A Reflection of You // Autum Winter 2023

A Reflection of You // Autum Winter 2023

With the launch of our Autumn Winter 2023 collection, our biggest update to our ever-expanding portfolio.

We focused on a couple of key factors that continue to be a part of the Toni Rossi Ethos. 

  1. How do we create a product line that creates an identity, that’s unmistakable Toni Rossi and 
  2. Create a unique blend of Form and Function that accurately depicts You, our valuable customers? 

To summarize, A collection designed for & in India, the Italian way. 

With that lofty challenge, we set out to iterate on some of our bestselling styles across our various sales channels and gave them a bit of flair, sauce and subtlety.

Yes, we know that seems like conflicting values to have in a collection but that’s what we’ve done.

Like a good masala entertainer, we’ve created a collection that has something for everyone. This something cannot be mistaken for a bit of everything but rather, a collection that is carefully curated for today’s audience and their ever-growing demands.

A collection that was made keeping in mind your voice. 

Are most dress shoes, loafer, moccasins or whatever style you pick making your feet hurt? 

Indian feet are mostly flat & wide, and so our styles are crafted with foam beds, and wide toe boxes*. A toe box is the region that covers feet from edge to edge at its widest points. 

With years of manufacturing experience, our team of product engineers have created the perfect package that suits our Indian needs, but with Italian leather and shoemaking practices. 

We love variety, I mean who doesn’t? 

Purely by categories, we’ve got it all and amongst that - we’ve focused on creating a cohesive collection with exquisite finishes, hand stitching, lightweight soles. Stuff that you could wear all day and still not feel the bite. 

If you’ve got an ask, we’ve got it. 

PS, we hope you know we’re a fashion brand, just don’t go hiking in our newest pair of boots, they wouldn’t fit in too well. 

Tasteful Living

We take the utmost pride in bringing our signature collection for the year, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Enjoy, Tasteful Living with Toni Rossi. 

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