Why Toni Rossi ?


Italian origin

We look westward to Italy for our fashion inspiration. The craft of shoemaking is an artistic tradition in Italy and that’s precisely what Toni Rossi passionately tries to emulate.


Genuine Leather

The feel of luxurious, genuine leather is what shoe aficionados seek and we go to painstaking lengths to provide that. We only use 100% genuine leather that lives up to strict standards of quality.


Original Handcrafted

All our products are lovingly crafted by hand, the old-fashioned way. Elegant, nuanced designs with tasteful embellishments come out of the workshops of our artisans whose mastery is the secret of our success.


Supreme Comfort

With Toni Rossi, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort at the altar of fashion. Supple leather, flexible designs and good cushioning come together to save you from sore feet even if you’re working all day or partying all night.


Iconic Style

Trends are transient and we don’t follow them. Our focus is on creating products that are memorable and loved for the way they look and feel. With rare hues, daring designs and reinterpretation of classics, Toni Rossi shoes are a class apart.


Eco-friendly Tannery

Sustainability is at the heart of our manufacturing process. We are eco-conscious and follow green production methods with minimal emissions and without the use of harsh chemicals and metals.

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Free Shipping

Avail free shipping on all orders delivering pan-India.

Cash on Delivery

Pay with cash once your products are delivered to your doorstep.

Easy Returns

Enjoy hassle-free returns or replacement for all our products pan-India.


Revel in the pleasure of expert craftsmanship spanning decades of making genuine leather shoes.

Customer Reviews


The product quality was above my expectations. It is incredible and is upto International standards. I'm happy with my purchase


- Kangan Karam


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