Profound Shoe Advice For Men, From Single Women

Faded and dull shoes are definitely the last thing you want to see when you open your ‘shoe-drobe’ in the morning. Or during evenings, for that matter, when your social calendar is bursting with activities and you simply can’t find that one perfect pair of leather shoes to complement the rest of your outfit.


In this guide, we’ll be covering all the essentials you need to know to keep your leather shoes looking fresh and ready to take on the world.

Cover Up, Dudes!

Avoid open-toed footwear when going on a date, at which point you will sooner or later meet your partner only for her to be quietly miffed at your blasé attempt to impress.


Avoid flip-flops, mules, slippers, and those dratted Crocs. Keep them all at home lest you want to come across as a ‘lazy loser’ to a girl who may otherwise be deeply interested in you. 

Go Leather Or Go Broke!

There is something ‘old school’ charming, rugged, masculine, and powerful about the perfect pair of leather shoes for men. Women love seeing a man dress classy on a date, and few things scream classy like leather uppers do.


On a similar note, avoid sneakers and other athletic shoes, unless you know for an absolute fact that your date is into them, or rather does not mind them. Needless to say, don’t go typing her a query, just be stylish and safe and choose leather shoes.


On a ‘vegan’ note, if your date happens to dislike all things animal-based, it will still be a better and safer bet to wear leathers instead of exposing your feet on the very day you were meant to impress her with your charms.

Never Choose Boots For Date-1!

You are going for ‘James Bond suave’ not ‘Schwarzenegger bombastic’, so for the sake of your date, be considerate and wear leather shoes. Many a single woman has genuinely appreciated a man for being simple yet stylish.


Granted, boots do give off a singular aura of masculine power and protective confidence, but single women these days are powerful and confident in their own ways, and do not quite need a man to fill those shoes (pun intended) for them.


They do, however, admire a man who keeps it elegant without coming across as either pompous or overbearing. Even if you feel your date will love to see you in boots – even full-length cowboy boots, heaven forbid – it is best you play it safe and communicate chic instead of crazy.


Elegant leather shoes for men make it seem like you took the time and effort to ‘dress up’ for her. Your date will appreciate, even admire, how good you look in leather shoes, because they truly pack some of the most meaningful masculine energies in the realm of men’s footwear.


Dressy and stylish shoes often caught the eyes of single women in the studies that have been conducted on this topic so far. Such footwear actually made the men wearing them appear sophisticated and manly, two of the most important attributes your date will check off her list when she sees you walking toward her.

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