The Gentleman's Quick-Guide To Choosing The Right Shoes

We’re delving into a topic that can be best expressed through a small book – that’s how much there is to share on the precise and smart shoe selection process that every gentleman worth their charm knows about today.


If you are new and wish to learn, this quick guide will point you in all the right directions.

Choose Your Style

Let’s begin with the two most well-established leather shoe styles for men – the Oxford and the Derby.


  • While at first they might seem similar in appearance, there is indeed a distinction between them that every gentleman should know.
  • The Oxfords have a ‘closed lacing’ design element while the Derbys boast the ‘open lacing’ version.

Designs do vary, but some men are just ‘drawn’ to one of these styles. So make sure which one is you and let’s get started.


A Shoe By Any Other Name…


There are distinct sub-types among classy leather shoes for men.


  • Oxford sub-types: Cap-toe, Wing-tip, Whole-cut, Plain-toe
  • Derby sub-types: Cap-toe, Wing-tip, Plain-toe
  • Brogue sub-types: Full-Brogue, Semi-Brogue, Quarter-Brogue
  • Monk Strap sub-types: Single Monk, Double Monk
  • Loafer sub-types: Penny, Tassel, Bit
  • Miscellaneous sub-types: Mules, Chelsea Boots, Bucks, Opera Pumps, Boat Shoes, Slippers, Sandals, Moccasins.

These sub-types are what we meant earlier when we said ‘designs vary’. They each contain a plethora of manly designs and powerful style statements that you will need to explore, and choose which ones are your ‘expression’.

Choose Your Style

Stitching styles veritably define the look, shape, and feel of a shoe. As such, any gentleman will want to gain an idea of what sort of stitching comprises their favourite leather footwear.


  • Cementing – No stitching, just outsoles fixed with the help of an adhesive to the shoe body.
  • Blake-Stitched – A durable technique that connects the shoe’s insole and outsole from within the shoe body.
  • Goodyear Welt – A high-quality technique where the top section is chain-stitched to the shoe’s uppers and insole rib.

This was just us being a bit shoe-nerdy and sharing some specifics that leather footwear enthusiasts are certain to appreciate.

Material Man

Shoes come in some of the most innovative and gorgeous materials.


· Leather – Highly recommended, owing to its chic design value and durability quotient.

· Rubber – Provides added flex and grip.

· Suede – High maintenance but imparts remarkable sophistication.

· Synthetic – Multifarious application and design aesthete.


Materials maketh the man, so to speak. What type of materials comprise most or all of your preferred shoes will determine how people see and treat you. 


There is power in fashion, and great self-expression too. All it takes is for a man to accept the gentleman inside, and step into a world of stylish possibilities. It begins with what you choose to put on your feet.

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