Formal shoes are an indispensable part of a gentleman's wardrobe. But, were you aware about some of the cardinal commandments you ought to follow? We chalk out tips you could consider before slipping into those dress shoes, the next time on.

shoes without socks

1) Skip the white: As a rule, restrict those pristine white socks for workout sessions. Colour constrasting is a nice idea, but don't get a tad too experimental when donning dress shoes. Remember, the colour of your shoes should compliment your suit and not upstage it.

fine quality brown formal shoes

2) When to choose brown: Black oxfords are probably one of the most popular formal shoe buys among men. But, looks like, deep brown is the new black. By that we mean, investing in a pair of fine quality brown formal shoes can prove to be rewarding. Sport dark brown shoes with charcoal grey, mid grey, dark navy and light navy suits. These hues blend well with deeper shades of brown. So, take note.

oxford boots in classic leather

3) The debate over what boots look best with formal wear is never ending. But, if you're concerned, the best would be to settle for oxford boots in classic leather. Shell out a few extra bucks if need be. But ensure, you also pay heed to the interiors. Insulated interiors and genuine leather soles never disappoint.

4) Sporting dress shoes with jeans have been discussed at great lengths for the longest time. Now, that brings us to the most obvious question: How do we get the look right? Well, the answer is simple. Steer clear of ultra casual jeans if you intend on wearing dress shoes. Go for regular cut jeans and avoid baggy jeans and boot cut jeans at all costs. Opt for variants which come with a tapered fit at the bottom. Also, to spruce up the look, settle for a crisp dress shirt or button down collar shirt.

5) While it's okay to get experimental with your lace-ups, ensure they are scuff free. Also pay heed to the following: A well-made made up shoe will entail a close welt, elongated toe caps, and will have soles that are at least quarter of an inch thick. Pay attention to these, and you're all set to make a subtle get striking statement.