Being well-turned out requires conscious and persistent effort. But truth be told, it's all about playing your (sartorial) cards well – by abiding by the laws in the style book. So, what are the quick and functional tips that can never go wrong? If your mind is drawing a blank, scroll through our post to have yourself sorted...


Footwear rules to follow

If you want to skimp on your footwear spending, investing in these five pairs will save you from loosening your wallet strings frequently. To begin with, a pair of chestnut brown oxford shoes will never disappoint. Wingtips are great buys for this season, and is unlikely to go out of style anytime in the future. Make note, and cart one genuine piece in a neutral shade. For those wanting to infuse a wee bit of edge into casual wear, give loafers a try

flip flops or sandals

Stuff to never try

Never wear socks with flip flops or sandals. Doing so will exude a shoddy vibe.

Tan shoes are a perfect match for outfits

What to match

Always ensure your shoes match the belt you're sporting. Black shoes work well with bottom wear options in the following colours: Navy, grey or black.

Brown shoes are best suited for trousers in colours like tan, brown, beige, greens, other darker earth tones

Tan shoes are a perfect match for outfits in subtle colour combinations of blue, beige, lighter tan or white.

buckles and tassel shoes

What not to match

Dressier shoes were designed for dress-pants. When going casual, avoid dress shoes and opt for informal alternatives like sneakers, loafers and sandals. Opt for footwear options that are free of buckles and tassel.

Settling for less bulkier heels is also a good option.

Other cardinal rules of style to remember

1) As a rule of thumb, ensure your footwear is darker than your trousers.

2) One of the safest ways to get it right while sporting casuals? Go lace-less. Slip ons are perfect add-ons to your casualwear wardrobe. A pair of pristine white trainers are also stellar options to consider.

3) When wearing dark-hued jeans, stick to footwear options in the colours like tan, deep brown, black

4) T-shirts are best worn with sneakers, boat shoes and derby shoes

5) Boots are a good option to spruce up a regular tee-n-jeans look. However, be doubly sure to steer clear of cowboy hoots, work boots or hiking boots.