Nobody's got it right, the first time – erm, we're talking about shoe choices. For men, who have absolutely have no time to sift through fashion mags and blogs, wanting to escape a (shoe) blooper, here's everything you need to know ...

1) How dark is thy outfit? Let them shoes be darker: One of the cardinal sartorial rules is this: Whether you're headed for an annual meeting or a casual hangout with the boys, remember to always settle for shoes that are at least a shade darker than your trousers. For instance, pair chestnut brown or black bordeaux shoes with navy pants. Teaming similar hues is alright too, provided you sport footwear in a slightly darker shade.

2) Fit over fashion: If you have to make a choice between a pair that looks good and one that fits well, pick the latter. Trends are fleeting, and an attractive pair which offers discomfort will soon find its place in the trash. It's best recommended to settle for affordable regular wear. Remember, replacing your workout shoes once in every six months is a great option.

3) The classics: A gentleman with a fine sartorial taste needn't necessarily be a hoarder. These five types of shoes will always come in handy: Loafers, oxfords, wingtips, sneakers and boots. When buying boots, steer clear of cowboy boots.

4) Dress 'em up: Dress shoes come with a maintenance tag. You need to take efforts to shine them, clean them and dry them if you wish for your shoes to last longer. On the other hand, flip flops need to be replaced from time to time. Never wear them for work or formal events, irrespective of how apt and on trend they are during the summer.

5) How to make it last: When buying athletic shoes, pay extra heed to features like overpronation, support, and cushioning. Also, begin by taking little steps. Do not overexert your new shoes. Wear them indoors and get comfortable in them by wearing them for short runs.