If you thought men invested lesser time than women in dressing their part, think again. A well-turned out gentleman knows the importance of power dressing and its impact. However, thinking twice before putting those brogues on isn't restricted to the time before heading for that boardroom meeting. Instead, make it a way of life to consider some of the cardinal rules of shoe fashion. We list five easy shoe tips to perk up your attire. Take notes...

1) If you're all set to suit up, pay heed to the footwear you choose as this goes a long way in determining your overall appeal. While brown oxfords are in vogue, if you're uncertain about how to play around with shades, settle for black. A black captoe oxford shoe always works.

Cordovan, tan and dark brown shoes

2) Cordovan, tan and dark brown are some of the shades which work really well with blue outfits. For instance, a sky blue shirt with denims paired with light tan brogues will never disappoint - and exudes a striking yet subtle appeal which never fails. As a rule, remember the B2B rule: Pairing blues with browns is a good idea.

your attire a complete appeal

3) Grey suits are in, and are considered to be versatile. To give your attire a complete appeal, go for black shoes. Even chestnut brown works.

handsome suit

4) For those who aren't in the mood to experiment, it's a safer bet to settle for a shade of brown which is of a deeper hue than your suit.

5) When sporting colours like green and khaki, brown works best. Steer clear of black. This rule applies to casual wear/ suits. You may go the extra mile and pair deeper-hued suits with lighter footwear. But, remember, this could draw all the attention towards your shoes. So, make sure you maintain them well enough!