alcohol doesn't tamper with the texture of your shoes

1)Nothing can be more daunting that finding out your shoes have shrunk. But, most shoes have the tendency of getting a little too snug around the feet and calves. Solution?Grab hold of that DIY liquid stretch! All you need to do is apply a smattering of rubbing alcohol into the insides of your shoes. Leave it on, until it dries completely. To ensure alcohol doesn't tamper with the texture of your shoes, mix it with equal amounts of water. Store the solution in a bottle, and spritz whenever required.

solution for footwear stretch

2) If you're pressed for time, and really need to stretch out those shoes, this hack won't disappoint. In a zip lock plastic bag, fill at least half of it with water. Now, after ensuring it is zip locked, leaving no room for air to enter or the water to leak, stuff the bags into your shoes. Place it on the freezer overnight to see your footwear stretch.

shoes sizer larger use foot relief strips

3) Carted a pair of shoes, which now appears to be a sizer larger? Fret not!Invest in a fine quality foot relief strips, and cut it to size and fit it in accordingly to enable the footwear to fit better. Doing so also ensures added comfort and padding

add baby powder for shoes to get rid of sound

4) Want to get get rid of the pesky squeaking sound, which your shoes make every time you put them on? Sprinkle some baby powder a couple of minutes underneath the inner sole of your shoes.

use strips to stick it on your shoes

5) Tight shoe straps can be highly discomforting. But did you know all you needed to combat the trouble by investing in a superior quality moleskin? Always remember to stick it on your shoes and not your skin.