Top 7 Men’s Shoes for the Wedding Season

Top 7 Men’s Shoes for the Wedding Season

The wedding season is here, and we know you’re running helter-skelter for the best outfits, but maybe you’re forgetting something - your shoes, footwear, or whatever you call them. Your shoes are like a great design - If they’re bad, everybody notices them, but if they are great, they seamlessly blend with the rest of your attire. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 men’s shoes that can elevate your style on any wedding occasion and satisfy your sole.

7. Nuccio

Let’s kickstart this list with the all-time classic brown leather formal shoes that are handstitched and handcrafted. The sharp and edgy design never goes out of style and can go with different suits such as black, navy blue, brown, and more. Step into these, and your attire will be complete.

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6. Roger

These jet-black pairs blend the classic formal style shoes with a handstitched textured cloth that adds a bit of zing to your look. While they go well with most formal attire, the trick to set yourself apart is to adorn accents of colors that can pop. Wear these shoes with red or wine-colored socks and a pocket square to match them. Now, you’re all set to make an entrance into the wedding.

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5. Castello

The Castellos are a niche pair of blue and brown formal shoes that lend their style to your rugged look. Wear these with a pair of denim and a leather jacket, and you’re good to go. But if you are more into a classy and elegant look, a blue tuxedo will be perfect with these shoes.

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4. Comio

Like the previous pairs, the Diegos can accompany you to a party, but their true beauty lies with the exquisitely soft and smooth textured suits you wear on top. The Comios complement your outfit while ensuring your feet aren’t left out. After all, everyone likes a sole mate.

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3. Waldon

If you’re looking for a classical, evergreen pair of slick and shiny black formal shoes, allow us to appease your desires. While one can never go wrong with a black suit, white shirt, and black tie, rocking that look is no easy feat. That’s precisely why you’ve got yourself the Waldons, which will complete your style statement.

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2. Dory

Weddings are incomplete without a tinge of ethnicity. The handwoven dory is just the personal touch you need to walk into the wedding and elevate your presence with a bit of your culture. Whether you’re wearing a kurta or a fancy sherwani, these will go with all.

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1. Norton


What do you get when you blend your personality's ethnic and hip sides? Well, these Nortons embody that essence. With a light structure, these sandals carry the much-needed grandeur you see at a wedding. If you’re a part of a big fat Indian wedding, having these in your wardrobe can prepare you for almost every ethnic event.

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So, these are the top 10 men’s shoes for the wedding season. But if you’re spoilt for choice, we’ve got a wide variety of footwear, shoes, and sandals for you to choose from. We’re glad we made wedding shopping a little bit easy for you!

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