Toni Rossi Arrivals: New Men's Shoes

Toni Rossi Arrivals: New Men's Shoes

Men's shoes are an embodiment of their diverse personas. With our new arrivals you can flaunt your various shades at different occasions such as office meetings, parties, formal dinner parties, and more. Let's jump right in.


We call these the Pablo 365 - All Work. All Play. All Day. These brand-new pairs epitomize versatility and can practically be worn everywhere. A wedding, a dinner party, or a business event - Step into these, and you’re ready for all these places and more. While the outer structure exudes splendor, the inside offers exceptional comfort. After a long day in these, you might get tired, but your feet won’t.

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These have got you covered for all your Christmas and New Year parties. Made with suedes for men, these Chelsea boots are handstitched with an elastic fabric. So, slipping into these will be no hassle at all. The outer leather lining and the hand-finished texture feel incredible in your hands every time you wear them.

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Traditional functions always need a touch of ethnicity and culture. These handwoven leather sandals are created precisely for that. On the one hand, broad straps are designed to give a smooth and firm feel to the upper parts of your feet. On the other hand, the insole has a layer of cushioning, thus making your overall experience comfortable. Slip these on with ease and walk with your chin up because your feet are taken care of.

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If you’re looking for something more casual than the Tontis then we’ve got you covered. These boat shoes are made with leather all-in, all-out. The handstitched leather lining and the premium quality of leather laces are crafted to endure and avoid early wear and tear. The overall design has a sense of familiarity, making these pairs crowd-pullers.

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Now that your weddings and parties are taken care of let’s not forget your business conferences; we’ve got exactly what you need. Handcrafted with rich and heavy-milled leather, the Parkes is apt for all formal events. The metal saddle gives a touch of royalty to your shoes and even your demeanor. Wear these, and you’ll be ready for your next big pitch or career milestone.

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We know what you’re wondering. You still have all those occasions when you might be confused about what to wear. Casuals or formal? How about a bit of both? Made with nubuck leather, these textured pairs have a quasi-formal vibe to them. Designed to blend class and nonchalance, the Comios fit with every event, including your parties. Like the Pablo 365, these are built with diversity in mind.

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With this, we have come to an end for now. Hope our new collection will add that extra bling or elegance you’re looking for. But don’t worry, we’ve got more in store for you.

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