Are you wearing the right size of shoes?

Did you know that a third of people in the world don’t wear the correct shoe size? This shocking revelation was made in a recent study, which indicates the need for awareness on finding the right fit.

In 4 easy steps, find your correct shoe size and spare yourself the agony of pain, discomfort and even infections from wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Step 1:

Step on a blank sheet of paper, and using a pencil, carefully trace the outline of your foot. Make sure that you hold the pencil straight and not in an angled manner.

Step 2:

Take the drawing, and using a measuring tape, measure the length from the longest toe, down to the end of your heel.

Step 3:

Measuring the width of your feet is as important as the length. Wrap a measuring tape around the broadest part of your foot and make a note of the measurement.

Step 4:

Check the chart given below to identify your exact shoe size.

There are a few points you need to bear in mind while measuring.Take the measurements at the end of the day. Your feet expand during the course of the day and will be slightly bigger in size by night. Stand straight with your feet placed firmly flat on the ground. You have to make a drawing of both the feet, as the right one tends to be bigger in size for most people. Ideally, get someone else to do the tracing and measuring