5 reasons why leather shoes are best for you

Leather shoes have been adorning and protecting human feet for over 5000 years. Fashion seasons have come and gone, technology has given us innovative materials for footwear, but nothing has been able to match the lure of leather shoes. The beauty, durability and natural feel of leather shoes make it a wardrobe essential for ladies and gentlemen around the globe.

1. Lasts long

The durability of leather makes it an investment that keeps on giving, year after year, decade after decade. It resists scratches, wear and tear and retains its shape and sheen for a long time. It is also one of those rare products that become more graceful with age.

2. Feels comfortable

Even though leather is a tough material, it is pliable enough to soften and gradually adjust to the shape of the wearer’s feet. So when you have to stay on your feet for the greater part of the day, there is nothing like leather.

3. Looks stylish

Leather is a closet staple. The footwear industry has been continually working with this age-old material, making it stay relevant in every era of fashion. From sandals to winter boots, there is no type of footwear that leather hasn’t lent substance to.

4. Easy to clean

A good damp wipe is often all it takes to clean your leather shoes, and a quick polish will help regain its shine in no time. And if you are a royal shoe enthusiast, there are conditioning products available to keep your leather goodies in tip-top shape.

5. Natural product

Leather is an organic material bereft of harmful chemicals, making it completely safe for use. But it is important that you purchase leather products from trusted manufacturers to make sure that they are genuine, natural and free from toxic substances.