Our Story

Italian leather footwear is coveted all over the world for its impeccable quality and classic designs. In the India of the 80s though, luxurious Italian fashion was farthest from the minds of people, and that’s when the Toni Rossi brand boldly emerged on the horizon. Committed to introducing the magnificence of handcrafted leather wear to fashion-conscious men in India, Toni Rossi came armed with a keen eye for design and the finest materials.

We only work with genuine, high-quality leather that’s sourced from eco-friendly tanneries. Our tanning process makes use of the latest innovations in technology to minimise chemical exposure and maximise durability. Our expert designers conjure up imaginative designs, and our skilled craftsmen breathe life into them to create products that stay trendy for a lifetime.


Our Brand

What makes the Toni Rossi brand exceptional is the way we strike a balance between classic and creative styles, winning the hearts of shoe aficionados and regular users alike. We go out of our way to create original designs that outlive fashion seasons.

We offer expansive variety in our product offering - from formal to casual and everything in between. We stay true to the heritage of Italian shoemaking to make you feel comfortable, confident and oh-so-Alpha in everything you do. The Toni Rossi man is one who embraces adventure, ambition and individuality. Are you one?