'I don't need a guide to always get it right while sporting brogues' – said no man ever. While how sporting brogues is a sure-fire way to spruce up your look, let's not overlook how commiting a few sartorial blunders (sprouting out of ignorance, of course) could spell absolute DISASTER! That said, here's a low down to not err as you slip into them.

classic perforations

1) Brogues are characterized by their classic perforations. They're classy and versatile but come with a statutory message: The more the perforations, the lesser suited it is for a formal do. If you plan on buying your first pair, always remember to settle for hues like chestnut brown, cocoa brown and burnt umber. These hues work well on semi-formal attires and also exudes a sharp appeal when paired with suites and sports coats.

dress shoes with suits

2) Albeit it's always recommended to avoid brogues for black tie events; if you wish to wear them as dress shoes with suits, opt for half brogues or quarter brogues for a formal vibe. Full brogues are best suited for casual wear.

wing tip brogue

3) To strike an intelligent balance between casual and formal, a wing tip brogue works best. When in doubt, choose a wing tip.

Half suede brogues

4) Colours to choose: Picking the right hue, depending upon where you're headed, when it comes to brogues is imperative. If you're ready to get a tad experimental, Oxblood brogues could be a stellar option. Half suede brogues in shades of brown are in, and work well with myriad looks. However, stick to black quarter brogues if you wish to restrict wearing it to banks and conventional work-set ups.

offbeat dos

5) For those wondering when is it safest to sport a pair of brogues, our answer would be at offbeat dos or at a brunch where you'd most probably turn up in casual trousers, denims and the like.