Men's Shoes

An eclectic range of footwear for the true alpha men. Toni Rossi brings you a collection, which has some timeless classics, minimalistic designs, sleek yet bold and sporty yet classy designs. Each piece is crafted with passion, from the finest leathers of our own tanneries. Every pair is underlined by our key values - ingenuity, quality, style and comfort. They carry the trait of a true alpha, which is confidence, because it is a sum of comfort and style. This collection is a homage to the characteristics of true men, a true alpha, a true gentleman.. Who never goes out of fashion. 
When you don’t want to speak and yet make a statement, these business formals are the best choice.


Crafted from genuine leather, these timeless classics are made to make any formal occasion special.


Made for the tough who make their own way, the Toni Rossi boots are soft inside for extra comfort and tough outside.


Some things of life are best enjoyed when you are relaxed. The casual range from Toni Rossi will help you do exactly that, in a stylish way.


When life is a party, be the life of party. Wear a Toni Rossi lifestyle shoe to make a mark that is bold, yet classy.


Slip in easily into these slip-ons for any occasion. From formal slip-ons for your business trips to a flat-sole driving shoe for your weekend get-away, Toni Rossi brings you an eclectic choice of moccasins for today’s man.


Let the feet be free, with genuine leather sandals from Toni Rossi.


Slip in to these leather slippers from Toni Rossi, and watch the world move slowly, while you enjoy your time.


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