All About Shoes

Running short of time and yet don't want to comprise on sporting the right footwear? Don't break a sweat – invest in a nifty pair of these ten must have shoes, which will do the talking – without upstaging your outfit, of course. Scroll down our list of specially curated to rid you off some sartorial concern...
Derby shoes:

Every shoe connoisseur has made a mention of this one. Derby shoes are tailor-made for the minimalist man's wardrobe – to infuse a streak of edge to casual wear. The salient features of derbies are as simple to figure: open lace, exposes the ankle and entails sleek uppers as opposed to the signature perforated surfaces of brogues. Ideal for a simple daytime appeal, derby shoes are best when teamed with chinos, a casual blazer or maybe a pair of jeans and polo tee. Given the rapid customization off late, it comes as little surprise that some of the signature features of brogues and oxford shoes have been incorporated into derby shoes as well. For instance, the prominent W shape of wing tip.
Boat shoes:

While the barometer of what is casual may be subjective, boat shoes are the kind which comes with a glaring tag – smart casual wear. Sturdy materials (like leather) packed with durability (rubber soles), multiple eyelets, top-stitched and hand-sewn laces make boat shoes a stellar choice to make a statement without much effort. They work best for a dapper brunch appeal or for the afterhours – with your boys. Since, the idea of boat shoes is to add an element of edge without making it seem too in-the-face; pick from nautical shades and quirky prints. Wear them with a comfortable pair of shorts, casual trousers or those loyal denims. But remember, to go sockless.

Without much ado, this one tops the chart of one the classics no man can afford going without. Oxford shoes are designed keeping formal wear in mind. And, as a rule, you must only wear them with suits and dress pants. Stick to classic shades like – black and brown. One of the basics to keep in mind is to never sport brown oxfords with black suits. Characterized by features like closed laces, double stitched and double soled uppers with perforated wingtip detail, Oxford shoes are the kind that transcend fleeting trends, and is a classic piece you must have.
Penny loafers:

In casual terms, penny loafers are casual leather shoes that entail a leather saddle. Some of the highlights of penny loafers are the unique semi-pocket on the vamps and a signature cut-out near the saddle. Wear these with chinos, flannel pants or regular jeans.
Chelsea boots:

Known for its versatility, chelsea boots are probably the most versatile boots around. Mostly made of fabrics like suede and leather, chelsea boots feature rounded toes, low heels, extend up to the ankles and entail a side panel enabling easy wearablity. Team them with a tuxedo or tailor made suit for a sharp take on formal wear.
Drive shoes:

Most popularly referred as moccasins, driving shoes have rubber pad soles – with low heels, narrow and thinner soles, facilitating durability and better friction against slippery surfaces. While they may probably bear an uncanny resemblance to loafers, moccasins are better suited for formal events as compared to the former. However, moccasins exude a care-free smart casual vibe, so steer clear of choosing them while wearing suits and tuxedos.

To step up your street wear style, pick sneakers over flip flops. Sneakers are casual training/running shoes with flexible rubber soles, synthetic uppers, making them perfect options for informal occasions. Wear them with regular tee and jeans or even a pair of shorts and shirt. And don't forget the socks!

For those who believe in investing in a good pair of shoes, brogues shouldn't disappoint. These heavily perforated shoes with a winged tips are ideal for semi formal events. Wear them with chinos and checked shirts to amp up your style. Considered a timeless staple, brogues are sturdy enough to up your outfit's appeal, and yet not seem like it's over the top.

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